Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Hobby Update!

So this weekend has been a heavy weekend for hobby stuff. In case you missed the news Adepticon is coming up on Friday! I drive off Thursday morning to a full weekend of drinking and gaming. But for that weekend I needed my Nids for the Championships and my team tournament IG all infantry force. So things I needed to do this weekend:

-Paint 30 Imperial Guard Infantry
-Paint 10 Heavy Weapons & Stands
-Paint 5 Converted Orgryns
-Build 16 Genestealers
-Paint 16 Genestealers
-Basecoat & Base 40 Termagants

So what I managed to get done this weekend actually impressed me. I managed to get all of the above done except for the Ogryns & Termagants. That's tomorrow (Monday) nights painting tasks. I even managed to dip all of my Guardsmen today. Once that drys I'll be anti-shining them and getting the bases knocked out. That'll probably wind up being Tuesday night.

I'll manage to put up some photos before I head to Adepticon. Just wanted to let you guys know why there hasn't been any writing this weekend. So....Much.....Painting.....

Well I'm back to it!


Lord Shaper said...

Ok colour me impressed... well paint me impressed...

I was thinking I was going well over the weekend with painting 4 Malifaux figures!

Hulksmash said...

Well to be fair I'm dipping the Imperial Guard. They aren't nearly to the standard I normally paint since I'm letting the quickshade do the work for me. I'm just going to see them and then do the bases and walk away until the next time I get the urge to play all foot, around 1,500pts and that way I'll slowly paint an all foot army. It won't be my prettiest army but I'm ok with that :)

I expect a squad a week when my GK's start getting built & painted honestly. So much I want to do to them.

SinSynn said...

Dude- that's some list! Lol!
Good luck with everything!

Uh, now I feel lazy for only building, priming and getting skins and shells finished on 16 Space Hulk Genestealers and a Broodlord.
I've still got claws and faces to paint.....

I thought I was all ambitious...way to show a brother up.....

Get back to work,

inquisitor_dunn said...

Good luck at adepticon. And pictures please.

Anonymous said...

I dip my nids, but would love to see what you are doing with the some pics up later once not so busy if you can.

Thanks, and best of luck at the games!!!
(go nids go!).

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