Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Evolution of my Hive Fleet Pt. 2

Basically it’s my army list. Currently what I ran looks like this:

2xPrime w/Dual Boneswords & Toxin Sacs
3x2 Hive Guard
2x10 Spinegants
2xTervigons w/Catalyst, Toxin, Adrenal
18 Genestealers
2xCarnifex w/Dual TL-Devs

Now I was happy with this list. But I feel it could be better, especially for Adepticon’s missions. I’ve had a few thoughts that I’ll share before I show the changes I’m considering.

First thought was also brought up by Hvy3 in the above thread. He noted that without redundancy Trygons/Genestealers can suffer. I’m not sure if it’s true for the stealers but I’m in full agreement in regard to the Trygon. He’s too big on tables where you don’t know for sure you’ll get 25% terrain which makes him a pretty decent liability. Also since there is only one and he’s likely the only big bug without cover for the first 1-2 turns he’s an easy target for the better anti-tank weapons out there.

Second thought I had is that I’m just not that worried about fast moving vehicles with the shift my list has taken. I’m more concerned with the survivability and redundancy of my units. So that was another ding in the Trygon’s column with this list.

For those that haven’t caught on I’ve decided in this style of list to drop the Trygon. Which means I need to look for a replacement. I’m going to be painting up my termagants so that’ll also free up 20pts. So now we’re looking at 228 total available points to play with. Basically 2 options jump out at me. 6 Raveners or 16 more Genestealers. Let’s look at both:

Raveners add speed. Lots of speed and work as a flying column almost. They have 18 wounds at T4 vs. anything less than St8. But against St8 they only have 6 wounds basically. They can gain cover easily and put out a fair number of attacks. A worthwhile addition to my army already. But only a single unit and obviously has issues with being singled out as the fastest moving part of my army.

Genestealers add redundancy to the list. Allows me to add another solid counter hit unit. But they don’t’ have the tank killing ability that a Trygon has or the all out speed of the Raveners. What they add to the army though means I wouldn’t be able to let myself make the mistake I made in round 2 of the last tourney. I’d have the tools to accomplish both goals.

So this is what I’m now looking at:

2xPrime w/Dual Boneswords & Toxin Sacs
3x2 Hive Guard
2x10 Termagants
2xTervigons w/Catalyst, Toxin, Adrenal
17 Genestealers
17 Genestealers
2xCarnifex w/Dual TL-Devs

Everything gets cover. 4 hitting units that actually can split into 6 if needed. More pressure put on my opponents. Ability to outflank if I really think it’s a good idea with one of the units. All in all I’m liking this as an addition at this point. It’s going to slow my game down a little (moving 17 more models) but I think it’ll actually speed up my tactical decisions and even more importantly it’ll help keep me from making more oopsies like last week. Thoughts?

Oh, and on a side note I swear Part #2 of Interesting Thoughts on Nids is almost done. And I’ve even started a layering article for a certain someone J


hyv3mynd said...

Its getting closer the my current list evolutions. Two big squads of genestealers pack a big punch in cc, cause more disruption,and are more survivable that trygons and raveners.

Ben said...

Heh. Squeaky wheel and all of that. ;)

Any thoughts on the notion of swapping one fexstar for a dakkatyrant/lwguard/oa? I think it works out to exactly the same cost.

Erle said...

+1 to Dakkarant with guard. It looks more point-efficient.

Brent said...

Hiya Hulk,

I'm starting Bugs this year as well, though frankly I doubt I'll find myself comfortable enough with them to take them to a big event.

It's cool to see a post like this - I need the input!

Take care - Brent

Hulksmash said...


The problem I see is that I'm losing out a bit on somethings if I do that. First thing is the Primes's instant deathness. One of the reasons for the primes is Nobs and TWC. I'm also missing out on St9 2d6 armor pen against vehicles like LR's which is one of the reasons the Carnie is in the list. Also losing out on a wound.

In exchange I can get a better hitting 12 St6 shots. The ability to make my gants and other creatures possibly hit better (if they're in the bubble). And a higher weapon skill MC w/higher initiative.

I'd be tempted to try it out honestly. I've actually got 2 Hive Tyrant models so I might even try dual tyrants w/guard w/Dev's and PO....Something to think about for after Adepticon if I don't get swept away by GK fever :)

Ben said...

It isn't a no-brainer, no question, and those are good points. I think one of each might be the best way to go, especially if you keep the fexstar in the OA bubble.

GK fever brings up another point in favor of the tyrant... GK also get an I-exam or die power in Warp Rift. Being init 1 will be that much more dangerous...

SinSynn said...

It looks nasty and I like the Synergy- all those 'Stealers are gonna give your opponents a real problem, especially if they have Catalyst
from the Tervigon. Oofah...that hurts :)

It may be a -little bit- light on Tank killing ability, but hopefully all those 'Stealers can get rends when they hit the line.
That many 'stealers- bound to happen.
Also, the flexibilty of being able to outflank and infiltrate gives you tactical options at deployment, another awesome plus that Genestealers provide.

When the 'new Codex' dropped, a lot of folks said 'stealers weren't 'good anymore.'
Yet a lot of lists, including my own, have 'evolved,' and now include big broods of them. Interesting how that happened.
I'm busy painting a bunch of the Space Hulk models now. They're cool as hell.

Hulk, I would trouble you for a favor if you read this. I'm having a debate with Purgatus at Best Overall, and he's posted up an e-mail I wrote him. I would appreciate if you could add your opinion to the debate, you being a big-time Blogger and expert in all things Gribbly, an' all.
Thanx if you can!

Thanks to Thatguyoverthere, who gave me the link to this blog- keep up the good work, Hulk!

Ben said...

On the topic of Primes, and losing their nob/twc killing abilities, has the order in which boneswords wounds are resolved ever been nailed down?

Ie, you inflict 3 unsaved wounds on a squad of nobs. Does this mean
(a) 3 wounds assigned, 1 nob dead outright for two, 1 nob with one wound and ld test for ID?
(b) 3 wounds assigned, 3 ld tests for ID.

I've seen this argued heatedly both ways, and was curious if anything ever came out to settle it.

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