Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hell, Everyone is Doin It!

So I’ve been looking around the internet and oddly enough I don’t agree w/the way 90% of people are building their start-up lists for GK’s. Now don’t get me wrong. Most of these people are using the lists as purely a starting point and no one I’ve seen is pointing to a single type of list being the best or that they’ve found the perfect list even for them. They are quite obviously starter lists and people are treating them as such. That being said the direction most of them are starting from makes me a sad panda.

Top things I’ve noticed:

-People treating GK’s like regular marine codexes
-People treating the book as a gimmicky Guard codex
-Attempts at vehicle spam
-Low, Low model count armies

So now that we’ve established things I see as issues and made it clear I’m not picking fights with anyone on the wide and might internets I’ll throw out something I’ve been thinking about at 2k along with the reasoning  under each unit and then expectations of the list overall and how it meshes.

So now for my starter army that will undoubtedly change multiple times before I finalize it J


D3 abilities that can be tailored to scenario or opponent. He’s also a beast in CC and has the ability to use Psychic Communion will come in handy as well.

Shrouding, Sanctuary
The greatness of this HQ cannot be underestimated. Shrouding for obvious purposes and Sanctuary to help control enemy assaults. Not a bad hand in a brawl and provides a hood.


5 Paladins-315
2xPsycannons, Nemesis Weapon Loadout to be Determined J
Based on previous experience w/Logan and his bro’s I’ve fallen in love with this type of unit. Paladins offer a solid counter punch unit w/excellent shooting (better than Logans bro’s w/in 24”). It’s also a lot of wounds and hitting power. Combined w/Shrouding it’s a very solid anchor unit.


10 Strike Grey Knights-280
Psybolts, 2xPsycannon, Rhino
Solid mid-field units. Lots of shots and lots of bodies. Anti-tank if needed. And possibly scouting units depending on the mission. The above x3 really does create a solid list for you.

10 Strike Grey Knights-280
Psybolts, 2xPsycannon, Rhino

10 Strike Grey Knights-280
Psybolts, 2xPsycannon, Rhino

10 Strike Grey Knights-240
Psybolts, 2xPsycannon
This is a unit designed to make use of other options. It might be an outflank unit (Grand Strategy) or it might deepstrike for mobility reasons. It might even provide walking cover for those pesky Pallies. It’s basically a toolbox unit that offers more scoring. Might even combat squad decently to get more out of it.

Heavy Support

Psybolt, 2xAuto-Cannon
Probably don’t even need to touch on them but provided they have cover (which Termies are tall enough to grant) they can advance with the hitters in the army, give long ranged support, and w/cover are a tough unit to take out.

Psybolt, 2xAuto-Cannon

So that’s the list currently. It’s 2k on the nose. Now looking at it, it looks a little sparse. But I think it’ll play out well. Grey Knight Strike squads are inherently multi-functional. They provide pretty solid ranged firepower, aren’t scrubs in CC against other MEQ armies, and the Psycannon provides solid anti-light mech (AV10-12). They are also mobile. The Paladins provide a solid, hard hitting, hard shooting unit that can be joined by your TA IC’s. It also takes pressure off your Dreads.

The list as a whole is designed to be extremely flexible and adjust Grand Strategy to my opponents and the scenarios. And from personal experience 40 standard marines aren’t something that is easy to remove and unlike other MEQ’s they do damage in both assault and shooting (though they pay for it). It’s an army that specializes in midfield control and that’s what this list focuses on.

This is my starting point. Boots on the ground is important in 5th Edition and unlike a lot of players out there my GK’s plan on getting out of their boxes to control midfield. Thoughts?


Gornall said...

I like it. Its hard to go wrong with a solid core of GKSS. It would be nice to find points for the Libby to buy some powers to cast in your turn though. Personally, I am trying out GKTs because I am interested to see how they perform.

Mercer said...

Pretty mcuh the same as my first list I wrote Thursday last week. Now updated to this: http://www.imperiusdominatus.com/2011/03/army-lists-grey-knights-2000-points.html

Vogrin said...

I like it as well. I think for my planned list I might merge 2 GK strike squads (one rhino + the one without) into a 10 man terminator squad, though. Still flexible for walking cover, deep strike, can combat squad, but I just like terminators. :)

Hulksmash said...


I think my only issue w/GKT's is the option for only a single heavy in 5 and no storm shields or other protections.


I must be blind since I didn't see a single list that looked like this one from last week or this week when I just checked it out. Might have missed it. Your lists are showing a tendency toward the MSU approach which I don't think will work as well for GK's but I'm looking forward to results across the web :)


Might work pretty well. I'm also considering dropping a full squad w/Rhino for a Purifier squad w/4 Pyscannons that deepstrikes or whatever depending on the mission. But it does cost me some mobile cover (read rhinos).

inquisitor_dunn said...

I think it will struggle against armour 13-14. The lack of ap 1 will hurt it. Do grey knights come with krak grenades?

I can see battlewagon orks with deffrollers being a problem. This might just be the inherant weakness of the army.

I have not seen the codex to offer any suggestions on how to change it. I do think the full troop chioces are the strength of the codex.

Mercer said...

It was on Spakka Spakka on Friday at the latest as I remember looking at it on my Iphone over the weekend.

Grey Knights should do MSU just as well as Space Wolves, though Blood Angels are kings of MSU thanks to Priests which make those small squads last even longer :)

Brent said...

Er, I can't say I think GK will do well with MSU. I think it's an overused strategy lately. I prefer a mixed-arms approach to all of the MEQ armies, but probably especially GK. I suspect that the lists we're all seeing online will change dramatically when people start getting a bunch of games in!

I like the start of what I'm seeing here, because I'm much like Hulk: I think folks are getting too wrapped up in the toys and are forgetting things like utility and efficiency.

Anonymous said...

First off, thanks for the post.

I agree regarding the usefulness of the HQ choices, but they are expensive. Also, surprised there are no razorbacks in there, even basic ones just for more range...

Finally, 2000? It seems overnight everyone is doing 2k lists? did I miss a news post, has everyone's LGS gone to 2k? I know some events are 2k, but what is up?

I find the real challenge not in making a GK list, but in making a GK list at 1500/1750...

thanks for the post...

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