Monday, March 7, 2011

Semi-Local RTT w/Mini-Batreps

So on Saturday I attended a tournament on Saturday in Eau Claire, WI. It was a 3-game 1,500pt tournament w/1.75 hour rounds. Buy in was $25 but for the first time since I got out here prize support was actually decent so I didn’t mind. Name of the location was Fountain of Youth Gaming. Best thing about this tournament? The Terrain! Actual, honest to god, LOS blocking terrain that was close to that 25% mark. I can’t begin to tell you how awesome that was. Worst thing about this tournament? Some of the gamers had the stereotypical aversion to deodorant. Anyway, onto the mini-batreps.

So just like last time I’m only going to be doing a brief overview. Mostly because play-by-play won’t really do anything on this one. So my List:

Prime w/Toxin Sacs and Dual Boneswords
3x2 Hive Guard
2x10 Spinegants (Because I didn’t have more of the Fleshborers painted)
2xTervigon w/Catalyst, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands
Carnifex w/2xDual Devourers

40 T6 wounds w/decent heavy shooting and moderate CC.

My first game is Annahilation w/Pitch Battle Deployment. Primary was worth 18pts. Secondary was to have a troop unit in your opponents deployment zone for 7pts. The game was against BA’s. His army is the one in the picture at the beginning of the article. From memory (and cheating using the picture):

HQ Chaplain
2xSanguinary Priests
4x5 Assault Marines w/Melta in Las/Plas Razorbacks
Death Company Furioso w/Blood Talons
10 Death Company w/1 Thunder Hammer
Storm Raven w/Hurricane Bolters, TL-Lascannon, TL-MM

My first opponent was a little hesitant in his approach. His list does have the problem of not enough shooting or enough CC power. My list is a bad match-up but his lack of aggressiveness allowed me to dictate the pace. The only thing that made it take as long as it did was that my Hive Guard rolled a 1-2 on every pen or glance for the first 4 turns. I kept my big units properly screened and managed to hem in his units when I eventually took out the storm raven. My troops were moving and running most of the game but it ended on turn 5 w/me up 6-3 on KP’s but 2” short of the enemy deployment zone. 18/25 after the first round.

Game 2 was 4 Objective Seize Ground w/Spearhead deployment. Secondary was to destroy your opponents highest point unit.  It was against a SW who won the roll to go first and deployed accordingly. His List:

2xBattle Leader w/Frost Blade and Combi-Melta
Wolf Priest w/2+ Armor
Rune Priest w/LL and Spirit Wolf one (have no idea why)
5 Grey Hunters in LasPlas Razor w/Plasma
2x8 Grey Hunters in Rhino w/Melta, Standard, and goodies
15 Blood Claws w/Powerfist
Predator w/LC sponsons
5 Long Fangs w/4 Missiles
2 Wolf Guard w/stuff
Scary but not as scary as if he’d had Jaws. He deployed his Fangs and RP Grey Hunter unit in a building w/excellent fields of fire an objective. The remainder flanked out from the side of the building. It was a tough game but I immobilized his Rhino’s early and popped his Razor. I ignored his Predator and moved up w/my assault units. I managed to use my gants to allow me to set the pace for assault by using them to block movement lanes and assaults. As soon as he realized he wasn’t gonna be able to push thru he attempted to pull his Bloodclaws back to avoid me picking up the extra points. I managed to take out the last one on turn 7. Only the LF’s, small GH’s and Rune Priest were left. 25/25

My third game was Capture and Control w/DoW Deployment. Secondary was killing of the enemy HQ. I pulled a DE army that looked like this:

Haemonculi w/WWP
Succubus w/Agoniser
5 Trueborn w/2 Splinter Cannons in Venom
10 Warriors w/Cannon and Blaster
5 Warriors w/Blaster in Raider
15 Wyches w/Agoniser Syrabite and some wych weapons
6 Reavers w/various blade things
Ravager w/3 Disentigrators

This game went pretty quick. He made a single mistake off the bat and I made him pay for it. He moved his Haemonculi in the 5 warrior raider up, jumped out and deployed the WWP on turn 1. I managed to spawn, move, and surround the WWP on my next turn forcing his Wyches to come in on his table edge instead. From there I pushed forward while he picked off some big bugs every turn. I slowly whittled his vehicles down and managed to blast his other units off the table. It was an interesting game but I think it would have been a much closer thing if he hadn’t made his first and only mistake. I will admit I now have a slight fear of DE on a DoW mission w/all vehicles having Night Shields. I finished this wit 25/25.

Total final score: 68
First in BP’s and second overall for the event.


Old School Terminator said...

Congrat's Hulksmash! It's interesting to see the nids do so well at 1500 (a place I thought we would suffer at) and against the other three latest codices as well.

inquisitor_dunn said...

Nice reports and grats on general. I had looked at this tournament but decided against it (distance). Nasty looking list. hopefully you take nids to the Bugeater Gt. I would love to get a shot at them.


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