Monday, October 31, 2011

Hobby Update - Necrons

This weekend I had a little time to get started on my Necrons and I figured I'd share the beginnings of my newest army.

Here is a photo of how I'm building all of my Necrons. It'll help me represent the the Reanimation Protocals when models go down.

It's a quick and easy job with not drilling required. You put one of the magnets into the recess on the warriors torso. You remove two of the top portions from the legs and attach the magnet directly on top. As you can see from the middle photo this appears just like a normal warrior with the magnet replacing a single vertibrae (sp?). This will allow me to remove the torso from the legs when a model dies and then reattach if the Reanimation roll works.

Next is the paint scheme I think I'm going to go with. This is one of the warriors I built before I figured out what I wanted to do with the magnets.

And finally the Scarab swarms I painted last night. Be bases with be done when the entire army is finished and that's when I'll paint the vehicle detritus I put on the swarm bases.

Looking at it now the upper swarm photo turned out darker than I'd like but finding good lighting in my apartment is harder than at the last one. Oh well. I got nine of them painted up tonight which isn't a bad start. Once the rest of the magnets I ordered come in I can finish up my 20 warriors hopefully before the new models come in.

I pretty much just wanted to share.