Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grey Knight Interceptor Fun!

So while I was watching the cool kids play on Sunday at Adepticon Mike and I started discussing army lists and Grey Knights came up. Nothing crazy but something that got my mind going was “the fun is in the movement phase”. And ya know what….I find myself agreeing. So I worked on a list on my 7 hour drive home that’s 2k and looks like quite a bit of fun.

First thing to note is that this is based on the Falchions giving +2 attacks (+1 for dual CC’s, +1 per special rules). Without it I’d probably be changing the overall function of the list. So here we go!


Grand Master-175

Might, Shrouding,


6 Purifiers-164


10 Strike Grey Knights-280
Pysbolt, 2xPsycannon, Rhino

10 Strike Grey Knights-280
Pysbolt, 2xPsycannon, Rhino

Fast Attack

10 Interceptor Grey Knights-330
Hammer, 4xFalchions, 2xPsycannons

10 Interceptor Grey Knights-330
Hammer, 4xFalchions, 2xPsycannons

Heavy Support

Pysbolt, 2xTL-AC

Pysbolt, 2xTL-AC

This is 1,989. So I’ve got a few points to play with based on the playtesting. I really like the idea though. The Interceptors w/combat squad 90% of the time but only after being given ninja skills by the GM. The GM/Libby  join the Purifiers on foot which advance behind the Rhino born Strikes. The dreads advance w/cover and shrouding while knocking people out of tanks. Overall lots of movement, shooting, and some solid CC.

I still think the Pally based list that I’m building first would be better but this looks like it would be more fun. Granted it’s also based on the very FAQ’able wargear items J



Kirby said...

I like but not sure you get maximum usage out of the Libby here since the Interceptors are often going to be going off in other directions.

Changing the Libby around for something else might be an fact if you drop the Libby and Purifiers you could get a Pally squad w/MC psycannons to go with the GM though you have nothing to absorb S8+ shots and no 3+ cover. That being said with only four vehicles it could help with saturation against those types of weapons.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the list.

I would think however, that the Falchions really only give a +1 total. (I don't think I can spend 5 points per pally to get as many attacks as my supreme chapter master....).

I think the "speed" part, is just some fluffish writing.

Again, who edited this book?

Neat list regardless....

Mercer said...

how you finding the Interceptors Hulk?

Hulksmash said...


It's actually in the wording of the item. They are a pair of (2) force weapons that have an additional rule that allows for +1 attack. So RAW would indicate +2. Intent seems to be for +2 as well but we'll see :)


I like 2 units of them. They are fun but I don't know if this is the list to make them work in. I'm still tweaking. I have a 2k tournament this weekend that I might take them out for :)

SinSynn said...

Hey, Hulk...
Just wanted to mention that Part 3 of my debate with Purgatus regarding Tyranids is up at Best Overall

I hope you'll read it, and maybe comment....even if it's just to tell me I'm a knucklehead (although I think that may be well-established!
I appreciated your comments previously, and I hope my latest effort is better!
(apologies for throwing this up here if it's innapropriate....)

SinSynn said...

Hey Hulk!
Just saw this yesterday, and it impressed me so much I'm spreading it around like Brent with his Hugs and Gropings!
It's a conversion tutorial for making Termagants with swappable Devourers/Fleshborers, using no magnets and it's easy!

Seems like a new-ish blog, and EVERY Tyranid players needs to see this tutorial- it's awesome!
How about visiting, clicking 'follow,' and giving them some love.
Trust me, you'll want to after seeing that!

Heh...sorry to be a bother!

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