Monday, April 18, 2011

First GK Tournament and Future Thoughts

So this weekend I played in a local tournament and it was a purely KP based tourney. There were modifications like in the first round every model upgrade (sergeants) and hq’s were worth an extra KP and in the second game troops were worth 2 kp’s instead of 1. But it was pretty much just a straight KP tournament. I decided to bring this:

2xInquisitor w/Psycannon, Terminator Armor, Servo Skull
2xSingle Paladin w/Hammer
10 Purifiers w/4xPsyscannons, 6xHalberds, Rhino
5 Warrior Accolytes w/Rhino
2x10 Strikers w/2xPsycannon, Psybolt Ammo, Hammer, Rhino
10 Strikers w/2xPsycannons, Pysbolt Ammo, Rhino
7 Interceptors w/Psybolt Ammo, Hammer
Dreadnought w/Dual Auto-cannons, Psybolt
Dreadnought w/Assault Cannon, AC, Psybolt

So for those counting at home I ran 17 before combat squading (which I did with the purifiers for all games except the first) so screw KP's! It worked pretty well (went 3-0 and only 1 opponent had more than a single unit left on the table) but it definitely needs tuning. I did play against Space Wolves w/TWC, IG, and Nids so all 5th edition books as well.

So here is my first tweak of the current list.


Psycannon, Terminator Armor, 2 Servo Skulls



5 Purifiers-186
2xPsycannons, 3xHalberds, Rhino

5 Purifiers-186
2xPsycannons, 3xHalberds, Rhino


10 Strike Grey Knights-290
Hammer, Psybolt Ammo, 2xPsycannon, Rhino

10 Strike Grey Knights-290
Hammer, Psybolt Ammo, 2xPsycannon, Rhino

10 Strike Grey Knights-280
Psybolt Ammo, 2xPsycannon, Rhino

Fast Attack

6 Interceptors-186
Psybolt Ammo, Hammer

Heavy Support

Assault Cannon, TL-Auto-Cannon, Psybolt

Assault Cannon, TL-Auto-Cannon, Psybolt

2k on the nose.

So the first thing you’ll probably see is I’ve decided against (tentatively) the dual Autocannon Dreads. The reason being that in this list I should, even going second, have adequate anti-tank firepower in the midfield firing 8 st7 rending shots from the backs of rhinos. Meaning I don’t need quite as much long ranged support out of the dreads. Meaning I get to fall back on my favorite which is rate of fire and a potential to deny an armor save.

The Inquisitor and Grandmaster provide extra psycannon support and can either use cover or my own vehicles to be screened from the worst of incoming fire as they move up the field firing to full effect. The army itself has a lot of boots on the ground as well in the form of 47 PAGK’s of which 30 score (more can if needed). So I think it’s pretty solid. Thoughts?


Lyracian said...

Not sure if it is a typing mistake but your Dreads still cost 135 points each. I do like the Auto/Assault mix. It gives you a bit of long range firepower while still keeping a high rate of fire for infantry.

You are paying 140 points to upgrade your second Inquisitor to a Grand Master. I am not sure he is really worth that? I would be tempted to strip down the Interceptors to get a Chimera (with a few ablative wounds) for the HQ to ride in.

Hulksmash said...

Holy Crap, you are right sir. Got to sucked into Assault Cannons being free on every other dreadnought....Well, 6 man interceptor squad it is.....

As far as the Inquisitor to GM goes I'm not sure he's worth it either but I'm willing to experiment w/grandstrategy to see if it works out for at least a few games. The ability to deploy up table is huge in a GK army.

Lyracian said...

I am looking forward to experimenting with Grand Strategy too. I just do not think it is worth buying a gun that costs the same as a tank for him.

Also your last but one sentence should be 46 PAGK's now...

inquisitor_dunn said...

I like the list. It was impressive watching them vs the nids. Everytime I looked over the board had changed.

I think you will want the grandmaster. The thing I was wishing I had in games 2 and 3 was some deepstrike or outflankers or anything. I think it is a huge weakness for Sister's right now in KP games vs a shooty army.

BTW omaha Bugeater GT is 1850 not 2000. Misty Mountain rtt in may is 2000 points though.

Any battle reports from the weekend?

PS nice meeting ya in person.

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