Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So I'm sick.....3 nights of drinking and sleeping for 3 hours a day might have worn me down a bit. Doesn't mean it wasn't a hell of a good time! I played in the Championships on Friday and the Team Tournament on Saturday.

So a few quick notes of the event overall:

-Amazingly well run. Very solid. Only thing I'd change is the sports scoring to just 2 options and have a favorite opponent vote. That would help with the way it wound up getting scored.

-Terrain was great! For the first time ever I managed to get off a first turn charge w/Genestealers since I deployed 12.1" from my opponenet completely out of sight. It was AWESOME!!!!!

-Judges were pretty accessable even if we didn't need to call one over all tourney

-It ran 90% on time which is impressive in a tourney this size.

-KP's w/no win margin as 1/3 objectives in 3/4 games was pretty bad. I'm a big supporter of KP's but not ast 1/4 of the total available objectives in a tournament.

-Due to space constraints there was not place other than the floor or on chairs to put your displays/armies which kinda sucked. But I guess I'm spoiled since most other events do the 8' thing to give you some space.


So let's get this out of the way. I went 2-0-2. Won 2 and tied 2. Which I was actually quite happy with honestly with my bugs. I finished 21st in pure battle and was the 5th alternate for Sunday. Also the second highest finishing Nid player in battle. Hopefully I'll be getting my Batreps up in the next day or two. There are even some pictures of game 1 and 2 I think.

Game 1: Pedro Marines
Game 2: Blood Angels
Game 3: Orks
Game 4: Space Wolves

Was a great time. Have to say my favorite game was game 3. I played Redbeard from Dakka and we got 2 games in in the allotted time....Mostly because he forgot I had 34 Genestealers ready infiltrate and went into full reserve :) Naturally I took my flawless victory and then made Redbeard play me for real (we counted game 2) instead of taking the booze he offered after his oopsie. Was an amazingly fun game but not a good match up for him. Plus he was distracted with being in the final cut for the best appearance (which he deservedly won!!!).

Team Tournament:

Great time too. I played with Reece, Whitedragon, and Lorek from Dakka and it was pretty sweet. We brought a hodgepodge of lists and placed 22-24th overall (not exactly sure) with them. I brought Ogryns and Yarrik!!!!! I'll detail more of this later too.

Basically a great time. Watched a bit of the first round of the finals on Sunday with Mike Brandt and then bailed for a long drive home. Got to meet a ton of the internet dudes and a bunch more awesome guys. Already can't wait for Nova and Adepticon next year!

Just putting this up so you guys know I'm not dead!


Kirby said...

Glad you had a good time mate and well done on your victories!

Get better soon though k? :P

Ghostin said...

Quite a few lulz going around at the infiltration trick; some whining about it being a dick move though. Nice to see you played a 2nd game and counted that one. Kudos on the sportsmanship. Pretty sure many would have taken the win and taken a break. Way to represent the 'nids too - nice job.

Anonymous said...

Great to finally meet you, Hulk! Congrats on the strong showing in the TT and on not losing a game with bugs. I agree on all your comments except KPs. They should be 1/3 of all mission objectives, so A-Con really had them slightly underrepresented. Still, their ratio was much closer to correct than many events, which was noticeable in the army lists. 3/4 of the lists I faced Friday had only 9-10 kps starting on the table.

Hulksmash said...


In regards to KP's I have no problem with them. I have a problem with them being in every, single, mission. If there was a primary and then KP's were randomly on the list for tie breaks that'd be one thing. But basically handing someone 1 objective a game wasn't good. And I start w/only 13 KP's to start.

In regards to armies I didn't play a single person under double digits. And a fair amount of the final 8 had around 14-18 KP's as an average. It's a tricky thing in the format they went with.

Ben said...

So, about those batreps.... ;)

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