Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thoughts on GK Rumors

Now I know it’s a little silly to start talking about a codex based on the rumors that are out there but I simply can’t help myself. I’ve loved GK’s since the first codex came out and played them pretty hard in 3rd and even a bit at the beginning of 5th and I enjoyed it. They are a dynamic force and might fit my all foot urge pretty well. This is only going to be about the GK portions of the rumors as the Inquisitor stuff is very much going to depend on wording.

Unfortunately I no longer live 10 minutes from a GW Bunker and so won’t get to cruise in and fully digest the black box copy even when it comes out. I’m hoping some of the local FLGS’s do in fact get a black box copy. Not sure they will but here’s to hoping J I fully intend to put in an order for something along the lines of what I’m going to be talking about assuming they’ll give a bit of a discount on an over $400 purchase J

So onto my thoughts. I’m thinking based on the rumors found here:

Now the first thing that jumps out is holy crap, that’s a lot of toys! Suddenly the mind starts twirling with Paladin squads and Dread Knights running amock. Ghost Knights and 2++’s and all kinds of crazy. But here are some of the things I’ve picked out that I like and think are going to be massively important:

-The Grand Strategy Special Rule
-The basic GK Librarian
-The Psycannon (either A2/H3 or A2/H4 at St7)
-Basic cost of a “Strike” GK

The more I look at the rumors the more I think that these are the keys of codex from what we have seen. Now things obviously are going to change once the codex is out and we can really take a look at what’s there but I think it’s reasonable to start contemplating the direction I’m likely to go based on what we’ve got.

Back to the things I think are important.

The first one is Grand Strategy. This one I think is something quite a few people in the rumor threads around are overlooking. It’s a built in way to tailor your army to the scenario. KP mission? Cool I’ve got units that scout, re-roll 1’s to wound, or get counter attack. Playing a BA all jumper army? Counter attack. Playing a 5 objective mission then D3 more scoring units. It’s honestly a little nasty but I’m hoping it’s a legit rule since for the points the Grand Master is gonna have to be something special.

The second one is the basic GK Librarian. People just keep talking about the awesome SC’s and to a lesser extent some of the Inquisitor special characters. The Librarian is probably the most must have character to me out of what we’ve seen. According to rumors he can cast 2 powers per turn and can buy extra powers for minimal costs. Meaning you can actually pull in a 4 power librarian that can use 2 powers in your phase and 2 powers in your opponents phase for a pretty nice price. It’s this character that can make a foot slogging GK army truly worthwhile and hopefully he comes w/a hood.

Third thing is the psycannon. Let’s assume the worse number of shots. So Assault 2 or Heavy 3 but always 36”, St7, and rending. I know some people don’t think that this will suffice for anti-tank but after playing as GK’s for years before finally selling them off in anticipation of all new plastics I have to say that I think this is going to be just fine. Purgation squads become just plain gross, especially with combat squads. I’m thinking that having around 10-12 Psycannons in an army will be sufficient anit-tank against most light mech armies in the game. Not that it will be an auto-win or that my opinions might not change but that’s my view right now.

Finally the base cost of a standard GK. 20pts nets you a stormbolter (for cheaper than a WG), a power weapon, and minimal psychic defense. I’m not buying that the SB’s will count as pistols but if they do then this unit is even more ridiculous. There are a lot of things to can add to this basic model but really I’m thinking this is where the love is going to be. I think a core of 40-50 various PAGK’s tailored to personal preference (Strike, Purgation, Purifier, Teleporting) is going to be where the strength of the army is.

I’m not gonna post lists just yet. I’ll wait till I can at least get a look at the actual codex but those are my quick thoughts on things to keep in mind about the new GK’s. It’s critical not to get blinded by the bling.