Sunday, November 7, 2010

Adepticon-Tyranids #1

So I'm finally in the great white north (Minnesota) though it isn't very white yet and since I'm gonna be here for the next 2 months or so on work I've been settling in a little, finishing up a commission to mail back to Cali, and getting ready to start repainting my Nids so that they are tournament ready for this year (great army, but probably my worst currently painted tourney list).

 Now I won't be able to get a ton of practice in up here unless it's thru Vassal due to my work hours but I should at least be able to get my 4k-ish points of Nids fully painted for the rest of the year. And while I do that I thought I'd throw up my starting point for 1,850 for the Adepticon Championships. Here's where I'm starting from.


Parasite of Mortrex-160


2 Hive Guard-100

2 Hive Guard-100

5 Ygmarls-115


10 Termagants-50

10 Termagants-50

Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Spine Cluster, Catalyst

Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Spine Cluster, Catalyst

Fast Attack

20 Gargoyles-160
Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands

Heavy Support



2 Carnifex-320

So the odd point value hurt a little bit. I guess I'm to used to just 1,500 or 2k and finding the right balance at 1,850 again is going to be a little hard. The Carnifexes are my wrecking ball. They can take a fair amount of punishment but most importantly things like Nobz can't just eat my entire army because of the instant death these dudes throw out. Trygons are obviously faster and more survivable point for point and I might try adding a third one and then dropping the Ygmarls and using the extra points to get me a large Genestealer unit as these are pretty good at eating Nob squads as well assuming they have FnP for the non-pk nobz. The garg's and parasite are my pressure unit obviously. Thoughts?


Chumbalaya said...

Interesting, for sure. Do you think it has enough AT? Or will it just be HG suppressing while Ymgarls, Gargs and Trygons hem stuff in to start smashing it.

Black Blow Fly said...

I would consider dropping both carnifex to free up points. There is a lot of things you can do with 300 some odd points.

Why are you taking the Parasite? Just curious as to why you like it.

: )


Hulksmash said...


Yeah, the basic idea is disruption and surpression while the heavy hitters close. Most armies would have problems taking out the HG in a single shooting phase so they tend to give my bugs 2 turns of free, unshot, movement which is normally enough to close and engage. Like I said though, i might be switching it up just a little bit based on what happens when I play it :)


The Carnies have their uses and they are a damn scary unit to have assault you (which should happen since you have your gant screens). They might not make the final cut but we'll see.

As for the Parasite you really don't get a better disruption unit that doubles as an HQ that's also an army enhancer w/wings that cheap anywhere. The Parasite w/a unit of 20-30 gargs is probably one of the nastiest units I've found and used out of the new codex. And even if he only makes a few swarms a tourney it's still enough to tip the balance in a lot of games. Basically he's a Cheap HQ choice that fits the whole in my army.

Black Blow Fly said...

Good deal on the Parasite. I never used him so its nice to know what he has to offer.

I would drop the Carnis for another Trygon and maybe juice them up a bit.


Christopher said...

What do you use to make your Parasite? Did you make it yourself or find some conversion online. I am looking to make one and have been. but haven't had a good starting point.


inquisitor_dunn said...

you should check out the rtt at tower games on the 20th. I'm making the trip up from Iowa for it.

Steve said...

Maybe I’m just being daft but why not switch out one of the fex for a lw/bs alpha and buddy them up. Give frag spines and maybe AG to the fex with some of the saved points and you have a ferocious partnership. The brood is every bit as dangerous and has a broader range of good targets (bonesword, high I model, frag spines, S10 charge and lw open all sorts up), even tougher with the easy cover saves and wound shenanigans and cheaper too (I can think of at least 6 things to do with the extra points too).

Phazael said...

One JOTWW and its time to scoop, unfortunately. Thats why I could never bring myself to run Tervigons. Synapse is going to be an issue with this list, too, depending on how you use the Trygons.

Hulksmash said...

I've found that JotWW actually has trouble getting a bead on my Tervi's and that synapse isn't generally a problem on the big guys because they are either near the Parasite or near the Tervi's. Trick is still disruption. I just don't really feel good about Nids at 1,850 like I do about them at 2k.

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