Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Adepticon 2011 Here I Come!

So due to some recent happy turnarounds it looks like I'm going to be attending Adepticon this year. Naturally I'll be signing up for the Championships and possibly the Gladiator on Sunday (in case I'm not in the top 16) but I am officially looking for a team to join or to build a team to attend the team tournament.

I'm willing to play any army in the game really and just want to do it to have something to do on Saturday. I'm actually super excited about this. It looks like my smaller RTT tournaments are going to take a hit this year but in exchange I'm going to be able to travel more to the larger events. First up being Adepticon!

So who out there is looking for a team mate or wants to start one? I've got some cool ideas for a themed, fun, and tough army but am totally open to whatever. I'd even be down to paint and convert it up for the whole team if we want to get this up and running though someone else should do the display board. We've only got 4ish months so I'm on the lookout.

On a side not 1,850 isn't my strongest point value to play at but I'll be posting some 1,850 lists that I might be taking to Adepticon and they'll be labeled appropriately. I honestly can't explain how excited I am about this. This year it's looking like:

Nova Open
Sprue Posse Grand Prix
The May or September SoCal Slaughter/Smackdown
And the Bugeater GT

Should be a fun year!


Black Blow Fly said...

Mebbe we will finally meet up in the 40k championship .


hyv3mynd said...

Man, I'd love to be on your team. I just got engaged though so we'll see when the wedding is. I'm hoping to make Adepticon if I can.

Hulksmash said...

Hit me up Hyv3. I've had a few teams that I'm talking to about filling in a spot but nothing set in stone yet and it'd be cool to make a team.

And BBF, one can only hope. Though I'll be running Nids more than likely so according to the internet we can't possibly meet on day 2 :D

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